...pretty little things...: Take Me Away

...pretty little things...: Take Me Away: "I've always had a soft spot for Moroccan inspired design so naturally I fell in love with KiraKira by Suzanne Somersall's jewelry. There is..."


Stained Couture

Swooning For…Kira Kira Gold Fiore Ring

Fiore Ring on Stained Couture.

I was browsing around KiraKira’s site to look for somethings to include in a future post and ran across this amazingly chic and simple, but slightly ornate large vermeil gold ring.

Pretty perfect for almost any look all season, but will look quite exquisite paired with soft pastel palettes associated with spring looks.

Plus, I love big, gold rings! I’m just putting that out there.

Stay Stylish!



Fall Catalog Shoot

Behind the scenes at the Fukushuen Gardens for our Fall 2011 Catalog shoot with Aviva Bowman.  More to come from this Japanese inspired shoot featuring our new 'Ishi' (or 'rocks' in Japanese) collection for fall.  Model: Amanda Perez, Photographer: Aviva Bowman.  Photo by: Brennan Lanter.


Valentine's Posting: Hanabira Collection and Japanese Orchid Festival

 A beautiful shot by Anya E. of the pave white sapphire and .5CT white topaz Hanabira ring.  The 'Hanabira' collection (meaning 'petal' in Japanese) is filled with all shapes, sizes and colors.  Recently I have been focusing on the orchid, but the cherry blossom ('Sakura' さくら), hibiscus, sunflower and hydrangea have all been sources of inspiration.

Anya E.'s photo of model Jessica Serna, wearing the Hanabira ring with pave white sapphires and a center white pearl.  Kim Clay did a beautiful job creating a soft look for Jessica's makeup.  The backdrop is a hand painted black and white sign for a great restaurant, 'Tenpusu', in the village where we live.

  Last week, traveling through a Japanese airport on my way back to the East Coast, I was amazed by this sculpture of a floral wedding dress.  The entire wedding dress is constructed out of white orchids.  The visual texture the blossoms created was incredible.  If only it were wearable!

The Japanese revere the orchid and soon the International Orchid Festival will begin in Okinawa, Japan.  This dress was made in honor of the festival, but thousands of orchids fill the Naha airport year round.

This was the actual dress that I saw with the skirt, train and boostier formed by white Phalenopsis orchid petals.  From far away it looked like a million butterflies descending in unison on to the dress.  Pretty spectacular.  Along with many other Japanese travelers, I was taking pictures with my Japanese cell phone (which I still have not figured out how to upload to my computer!).